About Us

Trading in Milford-on-sea since 1985, we are proud of providing the highest quality meat to our customers, many of whom we now consider as friends.
We try to stock as much locally reared, free range meat as possible and we are always on the lookout for new suppliers to extend the range of food we have in shop. Please feel free to request an item or cut you particularly enjoy as we can usually prepare it for you. We are also able to source a surprising array of products such as any type of available meat ranging from the exotic, to the everyday.

We always adapt to the seasons and can advise you on what's best to try and when. Whether it is spring lamb, Christmas Turkeys or meat for your summer barbecue.
We appreciate the importance of Fair Trade to our customers and try to ensure that you always know where our meat comes from so that you have an idea of how far it’s had to travel therefore helping everyone to reduce carbon miles.

As members of the community, we try very hard to provide outstanding service. We're always keen to tell you about our products or even to just have a nice chat. We really believe we offer an appealing atmosphere and the kind of service you've been missing.